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  • Chain Leader: Insight for Restaurant Executives

    Chain Leader: Insight for Restaurant ExecutivesAt Redbone Alley restaurant, a brick pathway leads to tables covered with canvas umbrellas. A fountain nestled among garden greenery burbles quietly. Pink and light gray buildings reminiscent of Charleston and other port cities of the South stretch overhead, and gulls perch on the eaves and windowsills.

  • A Local's Guide to South Carolina's Best Kept Dining Secrets

    A Local's Guide to South Carolina's Best Kept Dining SecretsWhen most people want to open a restaurant, they get a building, install a kitchen, and put out some tables and chairs. Not Dale Barth. When he established Redbone Alley in Florence, he created an enclosed, miniature city. Because of the good food and entertaining atmosphere, Dale calls his business "eatertainment."

  • ConcepTrak, A Trade Magazine: Concepts in Action

    Offering "outside dining inside," Redbone Alley is a unique concept in both décor and menu. The two-story full-service restaurants are designed to recreate the feeling of outdoor dining in historic Charleston, SC, with two levels of seating among streetscape facades of brick and stucco buildings, brick pathways surrounded by greenery, painted murals and a splashing fountain. The regional ambiance is complemented by a menu of "New Southern Fusion" cuisine. This innovative cooking style, utilizes traditional Southern Flavors, but is also influenced by French, Mediterranean, African, English and West Indian cooking. A closer look reveals:
  • The State, Columbia, SC Newspaper Review Excerpts

    When you eat at Redbone, keep in mind that the portions are generous. The serving of shrimps and grits, for instance, is made with a hearty eater in mind.  And remember this, too: If the menu describes a dish as a Redbone signature, it's bound to please!

  • Southern Living Magazine: On the Road to Myrtle Beach

    Named for a coonhound, this fun spot on Palmetto Street a mile east of where I-20 ends, fills a former JCPenney store in Florence Mall. Inside the air is cool, the wood smoked chicken wings are hot, and pizzas an burgers set a summertime mood. Make time to play a couple of quick games on the L-shaped pool table.

  • Restaurant Hospitality: Carolina Cooking

    Restaurant Hospitality: Carolina CookingWith his Red Bone Alley Restaurant and Bar concept, restauranteur Dale Barth is setting out to win over families -- especially those headed by dual-income couples who are prone to dining out regularly.  But Barth says that unlike many family-friendly concepts characterized by uninspired menus, he wanted to create a restaurant that excited the whole family -- not just the kids.

  • Innovative Restaurant Concepts: Redbone Alley "A Family Destination Dining Event"

    In 1992, when a former JC Penney department store space became vacant at a Florence, South Carolina mall, Dale Barth, with a $1 M investment, tore off the roof of the old retail store and added another story. The end result was a dramatic 14,000 sq.ft., two-story high facade with an open atrium, streetscapes, lanterns, a children's area with patio seating next to an old fashioned ice cream truck, and a sports bar and grill located on the balcony overlooking a two story facility.    
  • Nation's Restaurant News

    Nation's Restaurant NewsDale Barth had been an independent operator in Florence, SC for 15 years when, in 1993, he and his spouse Leslie came up with the idea and menu for Red Bone Alley -- a concept featuring Southern cuisine in an "old South" downtown sidewalk and street setting that creates an outdoor experience even though it's all indoors.

  • Southern Living Magazine: Meals to Howl About

    Just because a restaurant is named for a coonhound doesn't mean patrons have to hunt quarry, fetch condiments, or even slurp from bowls. Redbone Alley - A restaurant, bar and game room in Florence, South Carolina - honors a flop-earred hound by using a bringing-the-outdoors-in setting.
  • The Washington Post: Travel section

    "Redbone Alley (1903 W. Palmetto St., 843-673-0035), whose interior replicates the feeling of an outdoor cafe, with starlit skies and ficus trees. (To get there, follow David McCleod Boulevard until you hit Florence Mall on the left.)"

  • Pee Dee Magazine: Doing "The Dog" for Lunch

    Barth strives to make the food as popular as the unique atmosphere. "Everything you eat in this restaurant – everything – is made from scratch. Even our salad dressings are made here. There's no frozen food at Redbone Alley. Nothing is pre-cooked."
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