"Travelers fit right in with the atmosphere," says owner Dale Barth. "Redbone is a festive, happy escape from reality for our guests. People can't help but be surprised by our interior, which is built very much like a theatrical set -- it's very, very difficult to NOT have fun here."

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Red Bone's Southern Hospitality Program

At Red Bone Alley, We Go the Distance for Bus Tours

As Seen in Bus Tours Magazine

The Red Bone Alley Hospitality Program Includes:

  • Free meals for driver and escort
  • Reserved Parking
  • Quick Service
  • Flexible Billing
  • Located Right Off I-95

Follow these 2 easy steps to ensure quick service:

  1. Call for a Reservation
  2. Then call 3 hours ahead of your arrival time with your orders.

The Sandwich Menu

$11.50 per person
Sandwich orders come with fries and a choice of coffee, tea, lemonade or soda.


  1. Bacon Swiss Burger - Grilled ½ pound burger with range bacon, melted Swiss cheese and sautéed onions (or, design your own burger).
  2. Hot Club Sandwich - Grilled chicken, bacon, mozzarella cheese and honey mustard with lettuce and tomato on grilled honey wheat bread.
  3. Chicken Salad Sandwich - Chopped chicken tossed with sweet local pecans and low-fat (but doesn't taste low fat!) mayonnaise dressing. Served with fresh seasonal fruit (or fries).
  4. Soup and Sandwich - A half hot club or chicken salad sandwich and a bowl of our freshly made soup of the day.

** Prices include tax and tip. For salads add an extra $2 per person; for dessert add $3.

Entrée Menu

$15.95 per person
Entrée orders include a soft drink, tea or coffee, and a choice of our creamy home style cheesecake or hot apple crisp with ice cream.

  1. Shrimp & Grits – Red Bone's nationally acclaimed spicy fried shrimp on creamy cheese grits, topped with smoked ham, mushrooms and scallions.
  2. Grilled Breast of Chicken – Bronzed Chicken-Heart healthy, pan seared chicken breast seasoned with Red Bone Alley Foods' Bronzed Seasoning Rub® served with sautéed mixed vegetables.
  3. Hamburger Steak – Selected from the top 1% of ultimate choice graded American Beef, we serve our hamburger steak smothered in mushrooms, onions and peppers, with garlic mashed potatoes (or fries) and snap peas.
  4. Pecan Chicken Salad with Fruit – Chopped chicken tossed with sweet local pecans and low-fat mayonnaise dressing surrounded by a bountiful variety of fresh seasonal fruits.
  5. Pork Chop – A hearty flash grilled and soy basted pork chop, served with garlic mashed potatoes (or fries or rice) with a vegetable medley.

** Prices include tax and tip. For salads, add an extra $2 per person.